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Who Is Eddie Brock?

Now that Eddie Brock has (literally) entered the MCU, it would be a good time to talk about who he is. Who is he? and why is he such a beloved character? Although his comic version isn’t that different, we’re going to focus on his live-action iteration. Let’s discuss.

Edward Brock spends his days as a journalist, reporting just about everything news-worthy and he’s good at it too. After going too far with a scoop, Eddie was fired and moved to San Francisco. Now hosting his own show “The Eddie Brock Report”. Brocks career took new heights until he received a reluctant assignment.

who is eddie brock
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The assignment was to interview the head of the organization known as ‘The Life Foundation’. This company is as shady as it gets. Led by Carlton Drake, the company itself had accusations of human experimentation. You know someone like Eddie was not gonna sweep that under the rug. The interview started off professional until Eddie mentioned those accusations quickly derailing it. Resulting in him getting fired, again.

Similar to the comics, Brock lost almost everything after that, including his relationships. But it won’t be too long for him to have someone in his life. or something?

Meeting Venom

who is eddie brock
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Alright, I’ve stalled long enough it’s time to discuss Eddie’s other half. How did these two meet? When Brock revisits the Life Foundation, he tries to expose them with the help of employee Dora Skirth. He discovers they in fact are performing alien-like experimentation. Amidst the chaos, he tries freeing a subject he had known, not knowing he’s now been in contact with the true love of his life, Venom.

who is eddie brock
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Venom is an alien symbiote that needs a human match in order to survive. Eddie Brock is that perfect match. He may not be the most dangerous compared to other symbiotes which makes them even more of a duo. You see, Eddie has never really been that guy, the main attraction sort of speak. He’s always preferred to be on his own doing his own thing. Venom is the exact same. The symbiote also amplifies its host, so good becomes an anti-hero, bad becomes a straight-up villain.

The pair become friends after some time together, realizing they both need each other for survival, among other qualities. I won’t bore you with the rest, go watch both movies now if you haven’t already, they’re great.

Venom In The MCU

who is eddie brock
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Ok, if Venom’s somehow the sixth member of the sinister six I think we’ll all go crazy in the theatre. However, let’s be a little realistic, no matter where he shows up next it shows promise to the fans. Sony and Disney’s new deal looks to have Venom finally interact with his pal Spider-Man. The question is no longer how but when.

Tom Hardy has teased things about the Spider-verse for the third Venom movie. Will it collide with other MCU characters? Rest assured Marvel definitely has plans for them now more than ever. Thank you for reading.

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