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What If… Ultron Won?

After weeks of stand-alone stories varying in genre and tone, the penultimate episode of What if… featuring Ultron starts to show how what we thought was separate is actually connected. If things were entertaining until now, this episode’s threads promise even more exciting possibilities than one would have expected.

At the forefront of this chapter is once again Natasha Romanoff, this time accompanied by Clint Barton.  In this timeline, Ultron manages to use Vision as his body and capture the infinity stones, therefore, acquiring unimaginable levels of power. All the while Black Widow and Hawkeye wander through a destroyed Earth in search of the last hope.

A fantastic duo

After several references to their missions together throughout MCU movies is good to see Black Widow and Hawkeye as the last survivors from the Avengers. As the ones from the superhero group who yield no powers it’s puzzling to see them outlive their more powerful colleagues.

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Though we don’t know the circumstances of their survival, the series shows they have enough wits to go through any threats in a clever way. Their interactions with each other are a highlight. It is extremely fun to see their banter and it is very easy to believe they’ve been friends for a long while.

Moreover, there is a meaningful portrayal of what trauma can cause on people. Even though it is not explored to a fuller extent, due to short runtime, it is still well done. As such, the narrative concisely touches the viewer through emotional and heroic moments to get its point across.

The real age of Ultron

If the complaint about Ultron from the movie was that he wasn’t as powerful as he could be, here things are different. After he acquires the infinity stones it is very hard to believe someone could beat him. And some high-profile heroes have indeed tried throughout the course of the tale.

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However, in terms of character development, there is no improvement at all. He just follows his programming directive of saving the world in the most twisted way possible. Beyond that, the voice performance in the series is lacking. He doesn’t sound quite like the Ultron from the movies nor like Vision and nor menacing enough.

What holds him up as a solid villain in the episode are the insanely high stakes his powers create. Especially when he starts to break some of the boundaries the series set up until now.

Who watches the Watcher?

There has been an emotional buildup in The Watcher’s comments up to this point, and in this episode, he’s more vocal than ever. As he realizes that he’s not only in the place to watch, but also be watched, things change, forcing him to find new ways to deal with the threat at hand.

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As things become more connected the episode finishes with the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers. The stakes are high, the possibilities are endless, and I am sure everyone is dying to know what comes next.

What are your expectations for the last episode of What if…?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Written by Marjorie Fagundes Soares

Marjorie Soares is an enthusiastic writer about all things involving pop culture. Her pastimes include reading, trekking, watching movies, and playing video games. A great search for the deeper meaning of things drives her actions, as well as the intention to have fun in whatever she does.

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