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What If… #7 review – Thor goes partying around Earth

As the end of the series nears, What if… has shown an incredible range of narrative tones, from super dark to super fun, and everything in between. Still, I wasn’t at all prepared for this week’s episodes. What if… Thor dials the craziness and fun to levels I didn’t even know could exist in the MCU. It is bonkers even if for an alternate timeline!

What If… Thor Was an Only Child? presents a reality where Odin and Frigga never adopted Loki, and instead returned him to his biological parents. Without the conflict and rivalry from his brother, Thor doesn’t mature as much. Therefore, his personality is akin to a party-obsessed frat boy who is set on making the biggest and craziest party ever in Midgard.

While Jane and Darcy are working together on a van, they intercept an alien signal. It shows Earth is on the verge of making the first contact with Aliens. The pair is anxious to be a part of this historical event and measure up the possible threat. As such, they go to Las Vegas and lose themselves in the fun and crazy events of an intergalactic party.

Divided loyalty

When Jane sees Thor sparks fly, and the feeling is mutual. Their interactions are clumsy and with a romantic flair straight out from a Disney Princess movie. It is not all beauty and love, though, since Thor’s inconsequential behavior creates doubts about his intentions.

What if Thor

S.H.I.E.L.D gets into the picture and things get more complicated. In addition, Jane starts feeling the weight of the conflict between her feelings for Thor and the danger he can bring to Earth. Moreover, we learn wherever the Asgardians go a party atmosphere emerges, wreaking havoc in its wake.

As things escalate, S.H.I.E.L.D contacts a powerful ally, capable of eliminating any alien threat, and the episode gets to its highest point in action terms. Therefore we witness one of the most impactful fight sequences in the MCU in terms of scale. And, from then on, things keep a steady pace until the end.

Thor has chaotic fun with Asgardians

This week’s episode has an over-the-top nature, especially toward the end. At times it feels like a parody of the Marvel movies, albeit in a good way.  Its silly humor can make you burst out laughing in many sequences. All the while its random events will keep you excited to know what’s going to happen next.

In addition, there’s plenty of things Marvel fans will appreciate. For instance, Thor and Loki’s relationship, that even though different wasn’t erased from this reality. Moreover, there are various cameos. We get glimpses from the likes of Nebula, Howard the Duck, and The Grandmaster as the DJ in Thor’s party.

What if Thor

It is important to note that this installment, probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But that is the beauty of this series. With these alternate realities, much can be explored that would never be seen onscreen otherwise.

Overall, this episode is a lot of fun and a good breather between darker installments. Once again it doesn’t end quite as we expected and creates exciting paths for the future.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think it is even funnier than the zombie apocalypse one? Let us know down in the comments.

Written by Marjorie Fagundes Soares

Marjorie Soares is an enthusiastic writer about all things involving pop culture. Her pastimes include reading, trekking, watching movies, and playing video games. A great search for the deeper meaning of things drives her actions, as well as the intention to have fun in whatever she does.

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