Spider-Man: No Way Home: Second Trailer BREAKDOWN

Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

A month to go for the release of the biggest movie of the year. The second trailer for the third MCU Spider-Man installment left us with lots of goodies to explore. I’ll be honest, Sony did their best to hide most of its spoiler territory. However, with not much time to edit this trailer, there was more than meets the eye if you look closely.

From multiverse villains to potentially hidden characters, let’s break down all the important things you may have missed.

The Story Of Peter Parker

The trailer begins with a defeated Peter, shots hint that things may not be going well for our hero, but are they ever? Parker drops the line: “ever since I was bitten by that spider” regarding his origin. Could we be getting more exploration from Tom’s Peter?

Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

More of the same shots show Doctor Strange messing up his spell. Note that Strange seems more aggravated at Peter’s actions. The Sorcerer Supreme later asks Peter, MJ and Ned to help fix this. It seems to me that after all Strange has done, Wong may have been right all along.

“You’re Not Peter Parker”

Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

We see new footage from the bridge fight between Doc Ock and Spider-Man. The key thing to notice is Ock saying “You’re not Peter Parker”. Confirming he’s from another universe specifically the Raimi one. This actually gives away huge plot points to the story and lays the groundwork for the other villains.

Next, we see some sort of laid-back scene between Ock, Peter, MJ and Ned. There seems to be confusion for even the villains of this story. I’m wondering if he’ll be more of a friend than foe considering he’s in a different timeline.

Strange warns Peter that everyone needs to be sent back, knowing the other timelines are probably doing the same. Just in case more decide to show up in theirs……..

The Villains

Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

We see our best glimpse of Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin. He’s expected to be the main villain and we even hear dialogue from Dafoe himself. Although he’s the main, there were still countless shots of the others too.

Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

Jamie Foxx’s Electro is back and with a solid upgrade. It mirrors his comic-book suit with a mix of a modern MCU style to it. Adding to the suit change, Foxx’s character could be different from TASM films. I doubt it’s a variant, but the studio could be trying new things regardless.

One Spider Against All?

Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

Sony might have some explaining to do. In one cut of the trailer, it looks as if Tom’s Peter is all alone against Electro, Sandman and Lizard. Yet in another version, you can see Lizard being hit by something or someone.

Now here’s the thing, this wouldn’t be the first time Marvel has CGI’ied things in or out of their trailers. Think back to Hulk being in the Infinity War teaser, even though it was just Banner in the finished product. The two other Spider-Men are definitely in the movie and the studio could’ve just edited them out.

Check out the trailer here for all the goodies. No Way Home will explore the multiverse as we’ve never seen before. This is the biggest Spider-Man movie to date and potentially the biggest comic book movie of all time.

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