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Bucky Barnes: The Perfect Nomad

Bucky Barnes Nomad

After the events of ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’, Sam Wilson is now Cap and Marvel looks to be developing a Captain America movie for him. But what does the future hold for Bucky? It’s still unclear if the duo will reunite for this installment so let’s look to see what could be next for Bucky Barnes.

Nomad: a person who does not stay in the same place; a wonderer.

Thanks to recent rumors, Marvel Studios could also have a Nomad project in the works. Though it’s very unclear at the moment, we don’t even know if the series is even a thing. If it’s official, the studio should look no further and give it to Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes.

Everything about his great portrayal fits the bill and with the position the character’s in now, he can do whatever he wants. Here are a few points on why the “bionic staring machine” is the perfect choice to take on the mantle of Nomad.

Disclaimer: This is all hypothetical so please take it with a grain of salt.

Bucky Barnes’ Identity

Bucky Barnes Nomad

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a few others who can lead this series like John Walker for example. But, his future looks a little different as US Agent. In the comics, the name originated with Steve Rogers after he renounced his Captain America name.

Since then, others have used the alias as well. In Infinity War, Rogers also had glimpses of the Nomad trait. A man who didn’t represent a government or country anymore, just does what he believes is right.

This identity could stand for someone who’s alone, a wanderer of some sort. Nobody to follow orders for, no government to represent. Now when you think of the MCU, who’s a bit more suited for this mantle than Steve was? James Buchanan Barnes.

Bucky Barnes Nomad
Marvel Studios

Bucky for most of ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’, struggled a bit with his identity. He questions what his purpose is after all the things he did as an assassin. As the series progressed, we truly saw him make amends with what he did and find a much better place in his life. Stan’s performance is always a big key to this, Barnes finally found a sense of peace and his future has endless possibilities now.

Adding to that, instead of focusing on his Winter Soldier days, that name will probably not be on Bucky’s list of superhero aliases. He’ll need something different to go by, something that represents hope and redemption.

The White Wolf

Bucky Barnes Nomad
Marvel Studios

During his time in Wakanda, the Wakandan’s gave him the name: White Wolf. Also shedding his Winter Soldier programming, Bucky is very grateful for their help. I don’t think he’ll want to go with White Wolf for his superhero endeavours for the time being though.

If you saw the show you’ll know he’s not exactly in the best of waters with the Dora Milaje. Sure White Wolf is nice but after he broke Baron Zemo out of prison it doesn’t look like he’ll be visiting Wakanda anytime soon. Ayo made herself very clear.

I don’t think Bucky Barnes would want to piss them off more by using a name originated by them while not being on the best of terms. Still, this is hypothetical, you never know what Marvel Studios has planned out. I wouldn’t give up on the White Wolf name too soon.

His Own Life, His Own Rules

Bucky Barnes Nomad
Marvel Studios

You’re free.

Dr. Raynor

It’s finally time for Bucky to do whatever he wants. He’s been a soldier, assassin, Avenger, you name it he’s been through it. For the first time in 90 years, he’s free. So what exactly can Marvel do with a free agent like Bucky? Give him his own crime/espionage series.

Even though he has his freedom back, I doubt Barnes would just sit back and not help around, especially when his skills could be useful. Similar to the comics, he can be an explorer; someone who does their own thing and goes on solo missions. While also checking in with Sam, of course, those two are one of Marvel’s best duos. Think about it, Captain America (Sam Wilson) can keep the public safe while Bucky cleans up and puts the underworld in check.

Bucky Barnes Nomad
Marvel Studios

With Bucky Barnes’ role still in the air for Cap 4 or if he’ll even be in the film at all. For the sake of this article, let’s just say that he isn’t. What would keep him away from the story? His own mission perhaps.

Before, he was trying to make amends with all the trouble he’s caused as The Winter Soldier. Now, it would be nice to explore more of Barnes’ abilities and for him to put them to good use. Still, with everything that’s happened, he doesn’t have to do a thing if he doesn’t want to. But when conflicts happen, you know he’ll be on the scene. This is exactly why I think he’d be perfect as a lone wolf, helping others with all the skills he has.

Using His “Gifts” For The Greater Good

Marvel Studios

Let’s talk about some of those skills for a moment. His Winter Soldier story is potentially the most traumatizing experience a character has ever gone through. We saw that as part of his arc for the show. He didn’t want to hurt people anymore. However, after the finale, Barnes seems to be in a much more confident place especially with the things that were forcefully given to him. It’s a breath of fresh air knowing he’s comfortable with himself around others.

Marvel Studios

That being said it makes Bucky even more of a threat to any villain. He was easily able to take out The Flagsmasher’s while being on the defence most of the time. Now imagine what he can do with the confidence he has now. You take his knife mastery, marksmen mastery, hand-hand combat, super-soldier abilities and all other knowledge. That makes for one incredible hero, a new nomad potentially nonetheless.

Future Arc


Alright, we’ve talked enough about his qualifications. Now let’s explore what Marvel could do with him going forward. In the comics, after Bucky’s Winter Soldier days, he tries his best to help other criminals be redeemed. He not only succeeds but, he stops them from committing any other crimes while also offering therapy. I recommend you read “The Winter Soldier: Second Chances” if you’d like to learn more.

This is important because it’s exactly where Barnes is at right now in the MCU. It would be cool to see him redeem others and give them a sense of understanding. After all, if there’s anyone who would understand a victim/villain, it’s James Buchanan Barnes. Marvel should look no further and promote him to a more independent main character type figure.

Potential Plot/Villains


If this series is a go and if they were to give it to Bucky, we’d have to figure out a solid story to make for some good television. Lots of ideas have been floating around. He’s one of those characters that fans have been wanting more from. Some want a Winter Soldier prequel, others want a more present-day story.

I’d suggest a bit of both, we can have a present-day story of Barnes hunting down other assassins/crime lords and trying to bring them justice the right way. He can be challenged to use his skills effectively while not going overboard as Winter Soldier does. They can do this by showing more of his past and his missions as the deadly assassin. He’ll learn much more about the difference between fighting to wound and fighting to kill. He can evolve even more as a character in my opinion. I’m no screenwriter so I’m sure they can find the best of talents for the job.

Now let’s talk about an antagonist. Scourge of the underworld would be great. Why? Because instead of just being one guy, it’s a group of individual mercenaries under the same alias. Taking down a group with multiple assassins? That’s right up Bucky’s ally. If you’ve read US Agent comics, you’ll know this could be a nice way to connect back to other characters like John Walker.

The Future Of The MCU

This project is nowhere near confirmed so you never know. The studio could even merge it into another project as they’ve done before. It can be John Walker or it can even be Steve Rogers given the rumours of Chris Evans’ future reprise. I just think Bucky Barnes deserves to have more of a story around himself where he’s in his element.

Considering the name ‘Marvel Studios: Nomad’ was trademarked a little while ago, gives us a little proof here. Whatever the future holds can be very promising for some of these characters. Bucky as Nomad would be a great story to add to the plethora that is the MCU. Thank you for reading.

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