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The Most Dangerous Assassins In The MCU

Assassins In The MCU

The ever so growing list of characters that enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe always amazes me. With that comes the expansion of what I like to call “Combat Marvel”. Today we’re looking into just that. We’re exploring street-level characters that pack a massive punch into the events of the MCU. Who are the most dangerous assassins in the MCU and what makes each such a threat? Let’s go.

Black Widow

Starting it off with an easy entry, one of the most dangerous assassins in the MCU, aka Natasha Romanoff. By now, you know her story. An assassin, spy, and Avenger. Most of her abilities come from her inhumane training in the Red Room. A soviet based program that grooms young girls into trained killers, for their greater cause.

Assassins In The MCU
Marvel Studios

Natasha can infiltrate and hack into pretty much anything while using her combat skills to get out of any situation. Dubbed The Black Widow, proving to be the best of her class. You’ll learn about other widows on this list as well, Romanoff however will always have her pedestal to stand on. Making her a definite standout to others.

Additionally, her abilities include master spy, master martial artist, intellect, master marksman and multilingualism.


Controversy aside, it was pretty cool to see some moments from this different version of the character. Although the MCU put their twist on things, one key element remained the same. Taskmaster can mimic pretty much anyone she sees.

Assassins In The MCU
Marvel Studios

First of all, Antonia is not the person to mess with. She has similar Red Room training to most of the other widows and on top of that, her chip in her neck allows her to mimic the most formidable opponents.

She can Copy the moves of Spider-Man, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Black Panther and a few others. Antonia proved that she holds a big threat to even the likes of Black Widow. Imagine your fighting all the Avengers in one person, that’s one dangerous assassin.

Also, her abilities include photographic reflexes, enhanced strength, master martial artist, knife mastery and expert marksman.


A former member of the Guardians and considered the best assassin in the galaxy. Gamora has powers most do not poses. Born as a Zehoberei, she naturally has super strength. Allowing her to easily scratch off any challenge that comes her way.

Marvel Studios

Being the adopted daughter of Thanos isn’t easy. He made her other skills enhanced, making her even more of a threat. She has so many assets to her advantage it would be too long to write in this short article. Even Star-Lord knows it’s not a good idea to tussle with her.

Her abilities include enhanced extraterrestrial, master martial artist, master marksman and sword mastery.

Yelena Belova

The breakout star of ‘Black Widow’, Belova is one of the best agents around. She underwent the same Red Room training as her sister Natasha did. From what we saw, she is proficient in close-quarter combat but isn’t afraid to take out a long-range weapon when needed.

Marvel Studios

Yelena proved to be formidable against Nat as well, which isn’t easy to do. Like her sister, she’s able to maneuver in and out of situations with ease. Among other gifts, she’s a skilled pilot, helping Romonaff infiltrate a maximum-security prison. She may be younger but that doesn’t make her any less dangerous. An incredible addition to the MCU’s combatants.

While clearly not the top among the most dangerous assassins in the MCU, her abilities include master martial artist, master marksman, acrobat, knife mastery and multilingualism.

Winter Soldier

Ending off this list with potentially the biggest threat. The Winter Soldier has been the MCU’s ghost story for quite a while. A brainwashed assassin programmed to do nothing except complete his mission, no matter what stands in his way. Sure, there have been countless others who have similar training but if you need an overall best, it’s him.

Assassins In The MCU
Marvel Studios

Under the control of Hydra, Bucky Barnes was captured and used for only the most classified assassinations in modern history. Through vigorous categories of training given the nickname “the new fist of Hydra”. If they saw a threat, he’d handle it. Winter Soldier finishes his victims with finesse and without a single trace. Not even Black Widow could track him.

Speaking of Avengers, Barnes has taken down the likes of Widow, Falcon and an unarmed Tony Stark. While also going toe to toe with Captain America and Black Panther. He’s deadly with a weapon and even deadlier hand-hand. Rather it’s a gunfight or close-quarter combat, he possesses the power to come out successful. Making him one of the best assassins in Marvel history.

His abilities include super-soldier enhancements, cybernetic arm, master martial artist, master marksman, expert tactician, intellect, multilingualism and his trademarked knife mastery. He’s a formidable enemy, making him one of the most dangerous assassins in the MCU

The Most Dangerous Assassin in the MCU?

You can be the judge, this is all very opinionated. To me, if you base it off body count and who’s most effective, it’s Winter Soldier. If you need to infiltrate and do things quietly, Black Widow’s your sneakiest bet. Winter Soldier is more of a brute force, while Black Widow can use her intelligence to her advantage. Thank you for reading.

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