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    Batman Comics: The Best Stories Of The Caped Crusader

    Batman is rightfully one of the most popular heroes in our culture today, with a long line of rich stories behind him. Batman comics guide us through the face of DC and the franchise indulged by fans. He’s had many storytellers over time, so we’re focusing on the ones that changed the character for the […] More

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    Marvel’s Collector: the Obsessive Villain from Outer Space

    Marvel’s Collector is a mysterious figure, who gathered a lot of attention after briefly appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also known as Taneleer Tivan, his comic origins place him into intricate intergalactic stories as well as confrontation with various superheroes. His comics background includes encounters with the Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine, The Fantastic Four, Hulk, […] More

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    The Zombie Apocalypse the Marvel Way!

    What if… proves once again why its premise it’s not just a good, but a great idea. Throughout the last episodes, famous movie genres have been explored, including heist and murder mystery. This week we dive into one of the most famous subgenres of horror: zombies. It’s the zombie apocalypse the Marvel way! The latest […] More

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    Hawkeye Trailer BREAKDOWN: New Allies and Past Sins

    Here’s the first look at Hawkeye Trailer, a breakdown introducing new characters to the MCU in the process. A fast-paced trailer offers only glimpses of what to expect from this holiday assassin endeavor. Let’s break down all the key details with references you might have missed. Hawkeye Trailer BREAKDOWN: Family Troubles The trailer starts with […] More

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    Dr. Strange NEEDS NERFED or it’ll BREAK THE MCU!

    Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Stephen Strange is more than just a magician. He’s perhaps one of the most powerful characters in the entire Marvel Continuity.  This brings the real risk that this insane power could completely ruin the current dynamic of characters. This needs to be managed very carefully by Marvel Studios, or he could […] More

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    What’s Wandavision? A Punchline in Reality

    What’s Wandavision? Wandavision is the first series from the MCU, and as such a lot of curiosity surrounding it. Its intriguing premise involves Wanda Maximoff and Vision living an idyllic suburban life in the town of Westview while strange events start to occur. The series is very different from what we’ve seen so far in […] More

  • Watcher Uatu
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    Behind What If… the Mysterious Watcher Uatu

    The Watcher Uatu is a character that has a long and complicated history. He was, in fact, created by the OG comic book classics – Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, during their legendary (and many would argue revolutionary) Fantastic Four run.  The Watcher has not often been the focus of the story, despite being around […] More

  • MCU's Phase Three

    What is MCU’s Phase Three?

    The MCU’s phase three was its most successful one so far and a huge turning point for the cinematic universe as we know it. Achieving a total of $13.504 billion at the box office in the span of 3 years and 11 movies, it’s safe to say the infinity saga ended with a bang (or […] More

  • MCU’s Phase Two

    MCU’s Phase Two: New Blood & Old Favorites 

    Over the coming months, Marvel Studios is set to ramp up its fourth phase, with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Eternals, and Spider-Man: No Way Home all set to drop before the year is out. As Marvel fans around the globe are salivating to see what Kevin Feige and co. have cooked […] More

  • MCU's Phase Four
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    What’s In Store For The MCU’s Phase Four

    The MCU’s Phase Four is nothing like we’ve ever seen before. After completing phase three aka the infinity saga, Marvel Studios looks to set their sights on new beginnings on not only their projects but as well the characters. With the addition of Disney Plus, the studio will produce double the content they’ve had in […] More

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    No SuperHero Comic Will EVER Be Like the Boys

    Go cry to your forum boards if you disagree, but no matter how dark and edgy the likes of Batman or Moon Knight get, they will never compare to what “The Boys” did for superhero comics.  I’m not talking about who would win a fight. I think we all know that most top-tier Marvel / […] More

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