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  • Loki season one
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    Loki Season One: A Multi-dimensional Treat

    The first two Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) shows were solid, if highly flawed offerings, for different reasons. WandaVision toyed with format and aesthetics, taking the MCU to a more experimental realm, though its character development left something to be desired. Loki season one is a completely different beast. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was a […] More

  • Assassins In The MCU
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    The Most Dangerous Assassins In The MCU

    The ever so growing list of characters that enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe always amazes me. With that comes the expansion of what I like to call “Combat Marvel”. Today we’re looking into just that. We’re exploring street-level characters that pack a massive punch into the events of the MCU. Who are the most dangerous […] More

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    A Look at Sandman’s the Endless

    With Netflix’s release of the first look into Sandman’s live-action adaptation, the series came back to the public eye. The comic book epic was first issued in 1989 by DC comics, later being placed under Vertigo imprint. Through the course of its run until 1996, the comic about Sandman’s Endless was critically acclaimed. It attracted […] More

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    What If… Ultron Won?

    After weeks of stand-alone stories varying in genre and tone, the penultimate episode of What if… featuring Ultron starts to show how what we thought was separate is actually connected. If things were entertaining until now, this episode’s threads promise even more exciting possibilities than one would have expected. At the forefront of this chapter […] More

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    DC Animated Movies You Need To Watch Now

    Say what you want about DC live-action, but animated movies have always been its cornerstone. The best way to bring all characters from page to screen. The studio is known for having a shared animated universe much like the MCU is today. The only difference is DC’s was mostly in the past. However, that doesn’t […] More

  • Bucky Barnes Nomad
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    Bucky Barnes: The Perfect Nomad

    After the events of ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’, Sam Wilson is now Cap and Marvel looks to be developing a Captain America movie for him. But what does the future hold for Bucky? It’s still unclear if the duo will reunite for this installment so let’s look to see what could be next […] More

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    Shang-Chi Is the Origin Story We Deserve

    Shang-Chi debuted in the 1973 comic, Special Marvel Edition #15, written by Steve Englehart and illustrated by Jim Starlin. Here was an ass-kicking kung fu prodigy; a complicated father-son relationship; the widely feared Fu Manchu. Steeped in Asian stereotypes and lacking the depth of its contemporaries, Shang-Chi remained in the shadows for years.    His entrance […] More

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    What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?

    This week’s episode What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark? Mixes up, once again, characters who never interacted before in the MCU to provide an interesting twist of events. When Killmonger rescues Tony Stark in Afghanistan it creates dire consequences to this reality, as the former never becomes Iron Man. Without the hardship he went through […] More

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    Batman Comics: The Best Stories Of The Caped Crusader

    Batman is rightfully one of the most popular heroes in our culture today, with a long line of rich stories behind him. Batman comics guide us through the face of DC and the franchise indulged by fans. He’s had many storytellers over time, so we’re focusing on the ones that changed the character for the […] More

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